Create Your Membership Site With Rocket Member on WordPress

Unlimited memberships

Create as many membership levels as you would like and have as many members as you would like.


RM is built to play well with others. This means you can choose the best plugin to create the feature you want and RM will handle the access part. No longer do you need to suffer with sub par "All in one" solutions.

Take payments

Create a checkout on RM and allow your members to update, cancel or pause their memberships at anytime.

Create courses

Turn your knowledge into leverage by creating your online course.

Allow free access

Give people guest access, a trial or free membership.

Conditionally show items

Grey out items that someone doesn't have access to.

"I ve set out to create the best membership site plugin on the market to focus on solid foundation of code to allow for business owners to scale their sites with less tech headaches"
David Bullock